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Woha! Second flash this week, doing good up until now, he he he, hope you'll enjoy this piece of flash.
Take care, love ya all! Leave a review ! Wink* :P

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so.... many...


iShirm responds:

I know you like 'em.


i like it but there were to many penis jokes for my taste.....

iShirm responds:

Ok, then in the next one there will be less, hurr


That was randomness at its best! The reoccuring themes of the pokemon skiiers and all else made me laugh so hard. My favorite part was seeing Megaman in the Ghostbusters car. Now THAT would be a game I would buy. I'm suprised no one has thought of the oxymoron of a one man collab before. Anyway, that was really funny. Is there a collection you'd like to be recommended for? On that note, keep up the awexome work!

iShirm responds:

You reviewed :D Thanks man, eh collection? I don't know Is there a sprite collection? :D


It's pretty much at the same standard as most other random sprite flash I would say, which is a good thing in that sense, it has some flow to it. I also like the intro better with this one to your previous submission, the addition of a skip button on there is good, the menu is also much better, simple though has no real background, could add one.

The animation itself is good and well presented, it's as good as most sprites also the audio quality here is good, you also had some pretty amusing jokes in here. The part with the radio channel was pretty good, that was one of my favourite parts to this. The only real problem I have here is the lack of parts in total, but there was enough, pretty good overall.



iShirm responds:

:3 Thank you, for you long and innovative review, I'll use your suggestions in my next flash :P


Nothing so specail to make me laugh at all, or hardly, but the moan of that Ski Woman when she was being screwed just scores!

Haha! But I think you could do better with the cock jokes. Emanhatte's a great example for that. :P

Keep up the good work, I hope to see more quality work in the future.

iShirm responds:

You surely will, I think im gonna make a sequel...or prequel for that matter, just to confuse ppl :D