Wacky Pod Races

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Wacky Pod Races

Wacky Races meets Star Wars.

And now here they are... The most daredevil group of wacky pod pilots to ever fly their pods in the wacky pod races, competing for the title of the galaxy's wackiest pod racer.

**Front page. Thanks. I'll try and answer your comments ASAP, but some of your questions can be answered below.**

This was done in Flash 5 (we started this many moons ago). It messed up when we put it in the newest version of Flash, so had to just continue working on in in Flash 5.

This is the length of an actual Wacky Race cartoon. No more, no less. And the animation style matches the original, so is more basic than today's styles. We wanted to match the original cartoons in terms of animation style, humour and music. All the music is original & is by Big Yellow Hand. It's done in the style of the Cantina band in Star Wars. All the voices either match the original Wacky Races cartoon (like Leia's) or their Star Wars counterparts (Like the Battle Droids, Jar Jar etc).

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Wacky races sucks...

...but you managed to turn into something funny. Although it rolled kinda slow, it was entertaining enough to sit through the entire movie. Also, the references to the original Star Wars stories were chosen well, and the overall animation is ok.

very well done

That brings back some good old memories, ahhhh... such simpler times those where.. anyways.
Your animation was pretty accurate with the old wacky races.
Some of the sounds got a little annoying at times... like darth dastardly. he got very annoying. But i'm sure that if i was to watch the old wacky races cartoons agian id think this sounded very good in compairison.
Your artwork was very solid and well done.
And your storyline remains very true to the old cartoon. Though i cant help but feel, as i used to feel about good old (ehem) bad old dick dastardly, that darth dastardly might have actually won or at least came in a decent place in the end if he wasnt always pulling ahead of everyone then stopping to watch his stupid little traps fail.

Overall it is a very nice representation of the wacky races, very high quality, and i love the touch of star wars it just seemed to fit this thing perfectly!

StuffAnimation responds:

It would have been nice to let Dastardly win, and if he stopped using dirty tricks he may have.


many people upload great things onto this sit, but I must say this is the first time I have seen a Wacky Racers skit.Well done, and I hope there's more to come.

StuffAnimation responds:

We won't be making another one as we're working on other stuff, but it'll be cool if someone else does one.

clever but lacking

awesome idea, awesomely done

it could have flown a little smoother and the voice could have been a little more excited and a little less southern.

otherwise it would have been perfect and hilarious

Keep on rolling

I see you stuck to the classic.
It has been a while since I saw Wacky Races. Ture, the series wasn't that good or that bad. When I saw the title I felt "Hey! It's still alive!". The idea of a crossover is great! If not to say amazing! The animation was... Fluent. Too fluent even. At some points there were just too many frames and it all seemed a bit too slow. Music? WHAT MUSIC!? The background music should give it a feel of a race not a slow death by suffocation. But that can be easily fixed. Pleny Star Wars music out there. Non the less, the cartoon needs more whacky powers and character flaws. What for? Imagine, han solo flying by the droids and trying to seduce them with his "grat" looks. Roger roger :P . Jokes, explosions, some random stuff! Maybe even guest stars such as "darth vader in his death star pod" getting shot in the "vunerable" spot ;). I know that the original was ment for kids but hey, take it one step further (not too far though ). Bring in the new stuff. Let's not be kliche. Non the less I am amazed that some one thought of such an idea and took the time to make it. Big plus. Final word? GIMME MORE! :)

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Aug 28, 2008
8:18 AM EDT
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