James Guy's Science part1

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Author Comments

This is a piece of art created by my little sister James.
Here's what he has to say about it-

"there names are alin and josepheen and day are verry good sidaserns.
i love the seen that the animals become origanal copes of my animaition and they =) all day l0ng
i realy lik it when iwaz makin i t
q p
i will creat more sidusons of lazy town ask me to in te reviess."

He's 10.

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what a load of rubbish


Concurrent Agreement... Excellent work!!

I find I can do nothing but completely agree with everything Koalafish says about this animation.

The quality of absolutely everything was incredible. I found myself drawn to this, as if by some strange unforeseen force. And I was greatly rewarded by it. I am still reeling from watching this, OH and that "Killed by a chandelier' INCREDIBLE!!

I have nothing more to say other than that I completely agree with everything that Koalafish has to say. You're little sister James is truly at the forefront of groundbreaking animation.


im surprised this made it through the blam process

cudos for glitching the system =D

A Masterpiece

This animation was a masterpiece like no other. I have never seen something that lives up to the standard of animation this gives and I reckon this is going to start a revolution.

Firstly lets address the sound. The sound was of high quality and sound effect programs were used to make it even better. All of the music in this was homemade which pleased me.

The story in this was better than anything I have ever seen and everyone should look up to this high standard of story telling.

I believe every current flash artist or wanna be flash artist should look up to this hoping trying to find out all of the amazing skills that were used to make this. The ending effect stunned me and I'm wondering myself at this very moment. That complex fighting scene was amazing with spectacular explosion effects. All of the 3D effects used to this were amazing, I could tell you didn't use a program and they were all done by yourself using spectacular frame-by-frame skills.

Overall this is a masterpiece and I'll make sure that everyone I know watches this and appreciates the skills and all the time and effort used to create this masterpiece


thts all reli it was shite

Credits & Info

2.72 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2008
6:44 AM EDT
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