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Note: This game is a multitasker, so if you're not good at multitasking grab a friend and play together. You can both control a single ship each and take turns shooting. However, the game is intended to be played by a single person and is more challenging that way, so if you can do it go for it! Also, the quality can be adjusted in game if the game is running slowly for you.

So I'm finally done with my summer project: Aqua Bots. Took way longer then I expected but the finished result seems to have been worth the effort. This is a special version for Newgrounds with Insane mode available (the hardest difficulty, typically only available at Allgamesallfree). Also, Unlockable in game is Hyper Mode(Game speed is significantly increased), to unlock it you have to either beat the game with over 32,000 points on Easy, or 30,000 points on medium, or 28,000 points on hard or insane.

In Aqua Bots you are given the role of Captain of an experimental line of submarines which have the ability to be controlled by a single person. Your goal is to complete all 8 levels as efficiently as possible to try and get the highest score you can. Use the AWSD Keys to move the top ship and the Arrow Keys to move the bottom. Press Space to shoot, P to Pause and M to mute the music.

Thanks for the frontpage NewGrounds!

I would also like to thank the reviewers as well, I have updated the game to make some changes in regards to what players wanted most:
The ships, mines, and jelly fish have all been reduced in size
The game speed has been increased moderately
A return to Main Menu option is available when the player pauses


what the hell

i beat the game on easy it took 5 mins if that....
2 subs????

Great idea, shame about the gameplay

I really like the idea of having to control two ships together, however, there was little to keep me wanting to play. Maps were too linear, enemys were nothing special (although how would a jelly fish hurt a submarine?) and some powerups for the ship would have made for more exciting play.

It was alright

I really liked the idea, and it was pretty fun. Some things that I didn't like were that there was too much emphasis on shooting stuff, I think it would have been cooler if you made the levels themselves more complex, like the last level, the whole time. Also, numerous times when I would shoot the mine, it would explode and still end up causing damage. Maybe you could fix the "hold the space bar down" approach with limiting ammunition or having to reload after x number of shots. I thought the song was alright, but it didn't really fit the feel that the rest of the game had. Sorry to focus so much on the bad things, it really was a decent game.

2 subs?

I think this game would be fun as a multiplayer game, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why it would be played single player. It's not hard, it just doesn't make sense. If they were a different type maybe that each had their own abilities that would be cool. Also for multiplayer I would definitely make the fire button different for each ship. Maybe have space fire for both of them and a separate key each for each player.
The graphics were nice though, and the gameplay was ok. I think you have something great in this game, it could just use a little tweaking.


this game is to hard even on easy cause i cant understand why i would need to control 2 subs?

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3.39 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2008
3:47 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight