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Author Comments

The monkeys have been released and are taking over the world, use your towers to stop them, their friends the vampire pandas, Killer robots and the accountants of death.

I have also done a tutorial on how to create tower defense games on

The first part is route finding.


I actually really do like the layout of this game. It is pretty nice to see the monkeys blow up like that. What I didn't like was how it was too hard. I couldn't even see the turrets fire any projectile! I always missed when I launched the bombs. It didn't even hit any monkeys close by!

The sound and music were pretty nice. It just didn't do much for me. I was hoping for a more playable game. I can see why this never got that popular. At least it's well animated.

Monsters are sometimes a bit hard, but game's easy

Nice game, a few observations:

- Graphics are great, they make the game comically entertaining, which is the intention so that's a successful attempt in my book.

- Sounds are nice and funny as well, music was great, I like the idea of different themes for different waves, that's a great improvement over previous defense game I played that usually had limited music options, or one them for the entire stage as opposed to constant music variety like this.

- The game's easy cause it's short, but some of the waves can be difficult due to repair issues, and maybe high hp on one occassion, which is not a bad thing, a little challenge helps. Would be nice to keep the difficulty level but increase the number of waves by at least double though.

- If a tower's not repaired it gets destroyed and I don't think you can fix it or replace it in that spot, which is a big penalty. Considering some waves do damage to towers quicker than usual, this can be problematic. If there was a way to repair broken towers after the round, or at least salvage it and replace it with another one in that location if desired then that would be good.

- Some upgrades were not very useful due to their limited impact, but they serve as building blocks for getting the next upgrade that's actually worth the trouble. Would be nice to spread the upgrade benefits a little more evenly as well as balance the costs a bit more, perhaps making the initial upgrades cheap and the last one more expensive in return. Also more upgrade levels would be nice.

- The game's only one stage, would be nice to add more levels for variety of terrain and defense paths, or - ambitiously - a custom level and/or random level generator if that's possible.

Great game with fun personality, has lots of potential so I hope you'll make a sequel to it.

very nice

nice colors and style... and kinda creative, i've never seeen a monkey defense game

LOL omg

nice, tower defense monkey game^^
hey hey! 3 comment!

looks nice BUT...

is this insanely hard or is it my idea?

robotJAM responds:

everybody else has said it was too easy ?!?!

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Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2008
11:14 AM EDT
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