The Final KK Collab

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Update: Thanks for frontpage, daily first, and collection Tom!!!

With parts by Great KK members such as Kottbullar, 321, Chemical Vengeance, Zacied, and K0m- I mean, s0und, this is the Final KK Collab.

As of 12 midnight, Kes finally euthanized the senile and obese cat that was the Kitty Krew.

This is not the end of us individually, but it is for a krew with a beautiful legacy. We never hated NG, and how one could hate a group just made for fun is beyond me. The KK has been a haven for those looking to get away from the angst and idiocy of NG, just as crews like the SS and CC have been for all of these years. The KK is now officially dead.

Have a happy Hell, and submit this to the KK collection page.


awwwww cute :3

my cat loves watching this for somereason

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O___o KK is AWsomE

I got scared of it at first but in a funny way
hehe still it was awsum KK!! >:3

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i hate kk

kitty krew is pretty suckish

I Miss the KK :'(

the KK is Awesome

are you all...

are you all gay who makes kk stuff no offense but almost every flash u make has a dick in it soz gotta give it a 5

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Aug 27, 2008
12:00 AM EDT
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