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I made this in about 2 days. Basically, just click to shoot the people, earn money, and buy more paintballs. I put in quite a bit of effort into this, so enjoy. Also, please review. I love reading them, and I will try to respond to them all!

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Ok, so 1 time of playing through this and W..T...F...
First off, could the ai exist for like half a second at least? I couldn't get a single person. It may be because I don't use a mouse, but it's still ridiculous. I like the design and animation, not too shabby but I feel the paintballs could use a splattering animation of some kind. Not sure if it does that when you hit someone because the characters move faster than you can aim. I also encountered a bug where when the game was over I kept pushing menu and I couldn't get back to it, the screen just flashes and goes back to the game over screen, all I can do is shoot paintballs! So I need to refresh the page evry time I want to play again?


im rating this 3/10 cuz ppl are too hard to hit and theyre too fast. but at least i saw your effort and thanks for your time *^_^*

Its good....... I guess

You know its a good start like the dude below me said I 'm Sure you have made more but dude it doesn't matter if itz realalistic what matters is that itz fun. You see some movies that people put 16 MONTHS and you could do alot better in that time . come back in 16 months ^_^ 0_0 *_*


Lovin The Game Andy Its amazing, Make The Plucky Chicken One :L

It's a start

The music could be better. I also saw that you have limited time to read instructions. WTF? Also, It's pretty hard to just hit the people once. But once you do, you notice that they move in a pattern. Next time, try adding new guns, new enimies and new levels.

andy70707 responds:

I have NO IDEA why the instructions only show for alimited time. Thats weired. And the people are supposed to be hard to hit, just like in real paintball.

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3.45 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2008
4:55 PM EDT