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Toss some Photoshop images into a blender called Flash, along with some some loops chopped up with ACID, and bingo BOP BOP yeah: It's a bona fide WIGOUT, yet it's digital... A DigiWig.

Hope you dig.

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great work

I have seen art works, that are less then this go for more at art galleries. If you actually painted some of this. You would be loaded. But either way great abstract work. I love Hope it passes


I like it, the animation is simple but it ties up with the music really well and it manages to be quite interesting to watch. Loved the tune aswell :D


good stuff, that was fun to watch. and no, I don't do drugs. It can still be trippy though :)

Not bad

Very nice visual style and the background music was pretty good too. Synching was done very well as well. Not sure why you call it DigWig but then again it doesn't really matter.

I'm glad I now know...

what a DigiWig is

props on the music