The Dropping Egg Collab

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Ok guys here it is
It took us almost 2 weeks to finish this but it totally worth all the time
This is my first collab and i'm pretty satisfied of the way it came up

Since a lot of games have an easter egg we couldn't stop ourselves not to make one for this collab
So make sure you find the Hidden Easter Egg because we spent a lot of time making it


Nice idea

I liked the idea and it was funny to watch it. I think the different eggs could have been more creatively made and more authors (more eggs) could also be a nice addition.

The Easter egg was nice and with a little more features it can survive the submission process as a game on its own.

Overall an interesting little flash!

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It's a nice idea for a collab, but it wasn't that greatly executed.

First of all, the graphics are a bit bland (well ok, there isn't that much to look at anyways). And I also noticed that the shading was spinning, too rather than stay on one side (ie when the light comes from the left, the opposite side of the egg would be darker, but here it seemed as if the lightsource was spinning together with the egg, so that the same side of the egg was darker all the time... I hope I explained that well enough. :/ ).

The song was nicely chosen, but it got a little bit repititve after a while. I also noticed that you didn't put any other sounds in here. A "splash"-sound when the egg finally hit the ground would have been nice, for example.

The minigame was a nice touch to the collab.

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Good, but a little boring.

The animation was pretty good. Everything was smoothed and somewhat realistic. That's always a good thing to have in an animation. Animation = 7

The idea was pretty good, also. It's original, in my opinion. It just really wasn't executed in a perfect way. Not that it HAS to be perfect, it just helps to try a little harder with each part. Idea = 8

Execution wasn't that great, though. It was pretty boring to just watch the eggs fall. There wasn't THAT much humor in it. Just watching eggs fall doesn't have much entertainment involved. Execution = 5

The Easter Egg was fun, though. +1 score.

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decent job

Visuals: well drawn all around and the little touches helped a lot, only one thing i found bugged me; the fact the shading didn't stay on one side of the eggs that were spinning

Audio: Got a little repetitive after a bit but it was a good choice nonetheless, more sounds other than the song would've helped but what you have is good

Overall: not as funny as i thought it'd be but the animation was great sounds was repetitive, but well suited to this movie, should also enhance the plot a little like adding something that happens to the eggs other than just falling

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Nice Easter Egg

Not a bad mini-game, but I think that the animation wasn't the best concept ever - not that I want to take away from your animation skills, but when you came up with the collab, you didn't really think it through enough for my liking.

The main reason that I've got a grudge against the collab, per se, is that there isn't really a plot. It would have been great, if some sort of machine would have caught it, for example, but this time, it was for Easter Eggs and Faberge Eggs (nice touch, by the way)

With a little more forethought on the plot, this could have been such a great flash.

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Aug 25, 2008
6:35 PM EDT
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