what's your symbol-quiz 2

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The second part of the What is your symbol?-quiz in which I added more questions, music, and other. I just wanted to finish it quick so I can make something different. That's right. No more quizes. Well... hope you like it :-)


Not bad

Add more choices, sometimes i have another answer then the four you give(I go on my comp mainly to listen to music and the instrument i like to play is drums :/).
The music repeats when you look at another symbol, add a mute button.
Maybe give tips, even though the people might already know them, they might be usefull.

In overall i give you a:
added to favs
the 6 is because its just a quiz and the music repeating is rly bad. faved because its a cool quiz c:

How nice

This was a very enjoyable quiz to take, if only because the premise of it is so nice. We're not talking about something like astrology where we predict what will happen to a person. We're talking about just a casual little game we can play to put ourselves into an archetype. The music was great and it fit my "Water" style of serenity quite well. These are the kinds of things that we partake in everyday life and it's great how we can associate ourselves with it. I am glad you took the time and effort to make something as pleasant as this.

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labramusic responds:

Thank you :)

interesting game

in the first i got that i was shadow in this i responded almost the same and i was light


even though i had some different answers i got sun both times xD. I usually hate these type of 'quiz' games which have no meaning or point lol, but hey, it's a nice try for one of them. The music makes it much more interesting than the last one.


So at the end it goes in order from the one you are to the opposite right?
because i got love but then after that was death

labramusic responds:

NO! YOu probably got love and you can use the arrows to scroll down different answers.

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Aug 25, 2008
5:20 PM EDT
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