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I lost the source to this years ago. As such this will never be completed.
Okay I've been working on this for a little while now and it's about time I released a demo. I have no idea when the final version will be completed.

NOTE: This game does not involve Naruto, Sasuke or any of the other main characters of the show. It's setting is going to be a few years before the show takes place as to avoid everyone running around as Naruto or Sasuke instead of creating their own character)

What's in so far:
* Character Customization
* Combat
* Basic Mission Generator (Will be heavily re-done in later versions to allow more interaction)
* Levelling Up
* Basic Jutsu Usage (There is only one Jutsu attack in game ATM, I will be adding more later as well as having the ability to level up in certain Jutsu's and make them more powerful)
* Blood Limits/Kekkei Genkai (ATM it's purely visual later on you will be able to get special skills if you choose one as well as levelling up the Sharingan)

What I plan to do soon:
* Find some fitting Music for the game.
* Add more Jutsu's as well as ways to learn them and level them
* More Missions (That are actually worth doing unlike the current system)
* More Enemies (There is currently only two in this version, Just mainly a taste of how it'll play out)
* Items/Food to buy/use
* Clean-Up Battle System (Just things like not automatically leaving the battle page once you win)
* More customization choices (Both Visual and Stats)
* Expand the Character Creation Page to include "events" that happened during Academy Training that will determine your starting Jutsu's)
* NPC's (It feels a bit lonely)

If you have any more suggestions please tell me as I'm open to most idea's.
Hope you like it!


bad just bad u can make it better by storylines

i am 19 i ma plaing a kid game lol

Not a perfect game as of today, but has got a lot of potential. Continue with the efort and this could be an excellent Naruto simulator! And you should also add a storyline. Nice job!

you can have dates with another ninja i hope you put that in girls ;3

Found a glitch. You can get your energy to negative numbers by training.

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3.53 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2008
1:54 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG