Intergalactic Toast

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Save the Earth from starvation by collecting the substance of a phenomenon scientists have named Intergalactic Toast.

Break apart, toast, butter and collect the pieces of bread that fly down the screen.

Don't run into the toast or you'll splode!



I really like the idea of a top-scrolling space shooter that requires you to sort of 'prep' the things you are shooting by allowing the spaceship to fire more than the standard "orange balls of explosive and immediate death." And the toast idea ain't too bad either. Controls were a bit sluggish, I'm afraid. Overall, I think the concept is good and could be brought out more fully in a space shooter that varies the order in which you shoot the baddies- a boss might be defeated by shooting it in a different order than you would have to shoot its minions, in other words. Good stuff, lad


Really fun! But i found a glitch: you can still shoot whe you are dead.

tcgoodson responds:

oh dang... well, I'm too lazy to fix it.
I'm glad you found it though. (I probably will fix it.)


fun and funny game, but it is far too easy to die, and there are too many steps to eliminate the obstacles (toast). also, it is hard to hit the toast. my suggestion is to remove the large toast breaking weapon, and replace the two toast sizes with a medium size. Just have the player just flame and butter it before teleporting.
besides that, it's a great flash! 4/5.

Overly complicated

Rather confusing, but it's a nice short distraction. Could be better if it was faster-paced, and maybe you can get rid of the whole different-bullets thing and just have a regular shot that does everything one-at-a-time (Or, in other words, make it a more traditional shooter). The story was a nice touch. Overall, a seven out of ten and three out of five.

well i like it

but it feels like you just put this on here for the 2 ads in the begining

tcgoodson responds:

Haha... Well, you got me there. ^^
But this did get 3rd place in a contest... a really crappy contest though.

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3.27 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2008
3:05 PM EDT
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