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My first tutorial.
I have worked long and hard on this!


it's okay... but

it's rather messy, and maybe you should go into more detail, suh as saying how exactly to do the steps you describe, and maybe you should explain how to do a shape tween


wow with the score this got i really should make a tutorial..... get my first submision its must be really esy to get a 3.5 on a tut......

although i do hope you actually know the script to this.... other wise not only was this just giving code away it didn't help the creator at all......

some had some interesting parts but over all not explained well to not at all which is what a tutorial is for.....

pfft the old macromedia flashs were better

i miss whwen macromedia made flash so much better adobe fucked it up not bad tut but seriously if ur new u shouldnt be making tuts n if ur going to make a tut do it on stufff that hasnt been done a billion times i see like 10 of these a day

Not great, but I know you're trying to help.

I know you're just trying to be helpful, but this wasn't as good as it could be. The tutorials were very very very basic, and you didn't elaborate on much. Overall, it could have been better. Next time, try explaining some more complicated concepts, and give better examples. Try making a tutorial about something nobody has ever thought of before (or something that no one has ever made a tutorial about before).

For your first tutorial...

It's very good! Although on the dress up thing, the back button didn't work, and you may want to expand on some stuff into further detail rather than go for quick and easy. Otherwise, this can be very useful! 8/10 3/5

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Aug 24, 2008
2:44 PM EDT
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