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The Newgrounds Helpful Guide is a quiz that tests your knowledge of rules and regulations for the site. It also gives you a detalied score for how good a Newgrounder you are and where you stand. And be sure to check out the explanations at the end!

Questions/Idea by Fro
Game by Sispri

I really enjoyed making this and I hope you enjoy it too.

Review it too, I'll respond. <3

Oh and if you want, please recommend this for the Newgrounds collection. Thanks. :)

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pretty nice actually

I tought it was nicelly designed, and it was
programmed correctly. the music is cool,

and its educational. so thanks I will dig myself out of the garbage whistle hole

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Sispri responds:

Glad you enjoyed, it's people like you who I do it for. Good luck with that whistle.

I'm a noob but I got 34!

Explanations were great, this is really helpful (as long as you are honest)

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Sispri responds:

In all self-evaluating quizzes, they require honesty. Heh, thank you.

very imformative

This is pretty damn good however the 1st question is wrong because i actually can calculate my whistle points..I have a little over 2k+ whistle points thank you..

everything else is quite fine i might say..


Sispri responds:

How can you find your whistle points?

Thanks anyways. :P

its cool

i'm a worthy moderator

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Sispri responds:

Good to see you're a contribution to Newgrounds then! Much thanks.

Pretty cool!

'How the quiz looks' - It looks great, the game got the same colours as Newgrounds, orange and black. The font of the questions is the same as the font on Newgrounds too ( or it just looks alot like it). This is good, because the whole quiz is about Newgrounds.

Sound - The tune of the first menu was pretty funny, but kinda immature.
This quiz haves to be made seriously so that's why I think it doesn't fits in.
It made me smile though =)
The song in the game isn't really the best song I've heard, but it fits good with a quiz like this.
It's also great that you added a mute button, not many games got those.

The quiz - The questions and the answers are good, but the best answer is predictable.
That's because the best answers of questions 3-10 is always D, and the worst answer is A.
But I guess that's why you have to be honest for this quiz.

The good thing about this quiz is that you made explanations for all the questions, it made this quiz very helpfull and you can actually learn something from it.
So yeah, good job.

Points of improvement:

You could shuffle the answers next time, and maybe add a few extra songs so you can choose what song you want.
10 questions isn't really much, the quiz could be a bit longer with some more questions.
There's not really much to improve actually.


It's a nice quiz with good colours and it's great that it teaches you how to be a good Newgrounder.
It's also funny to know how helpfull you are for the Newgrounds community.
Keep the good guides coming!



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Sispri responds:

The format and design was based off of NG. I thought some little bells and whistles like the sound control would help. Maybe have a variety of music selections next time. And as for the explanations, we wanted this to be like the Zombie Survival Quiz.

We will shuffle the answers next time for increased difficulty.

Thanks for the awesome review, Nick!

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4.02 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2008
2:43 PM EDT
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