Funny School Things

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***Check out the re-animated version of this:

Also, check out the sequel, Funny School Things 2:

Okay, here is my 2nd Flash animation ever. I actually tried to make something worth watching this time. Since its my second video, it starts out pretty boring and with a few tweens, until I figure out near the end that frame-by-frames look much better and begin to use those. I found a small list the other day of funny things that had happened to me, and people I know, at my schools, so I decided to turn it into my next project. Here it is. This is also my first time using a Flash AD. Sorry for bothering you with those dumb Ads...anyway, Enjoy!

Most sound effects are made by me, but I edited a few that I got from friends and the internet.

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the only thing I like is the herb thing

Aqlex responds:

At least there's one thing. Thanks for the review though!

Sorry but,

The only good part was the 'break it up' bit.
But it made up for everything else.
Kinda like how the ending takes up all of the budget for "Pan's Labryinth" and it takes 30 seconds of CGI for one bullet to kill this guy.
But that fixed that movie too.
Just like that part did yours.

Aqlex responds:

I tried making a sequel to this a year or two later, if you wanna check that out xD. It's called Funny School Things 2, and I think it's an improvement over this animation =P.

yupp its offical

watching this thing made me sterile

Aqlex responds:

That is a little concerning. I'm sorry.


Nothing about this was funny to me.

Aqlex responds:

Sorry that you didn't find this funny. I'll keep trying to improve my animations!

not the greatest...

it actually had a few funny points

Aqlex responds:

This review is a little...mixed. It's either not the greatest, or it has some funny stuff and deserves a 10? Well either way, thanks for watching, and thanks for the 10 =)

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4.38 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2008
2:22 PM EDT