Olympics with Yao Ming 1

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Our game animated series planned by ASK animation studio and co-produced a total of 35 sets, with the cartoon image of Yao Ming as the protagonists along with 35 Olympic pictograms as his competitors.


loved it

loved it man, this is great, funny too, love how he won at every thing. have to make more.

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Is this a famous intro on TV already?

Cause this is really good i could be on tv or something great animation.

Beijing 2008!

I've catched every single one of China's Basketball games during the Olympics, on television though. And him being flag bearer of the nation, i must say Yao Ming is the probably THE most recognised Chinese athlete in the world. Widely respected, and how he brought hope and strength to the Basketball team despite his injury.

Back to the animation! The quality was suprisingly.. Suprising! I loved the style it was presented in, especially by using a stickman for Yao's competition. The official Olympic Logo's sorta a stickman yeah? The Table Tennis section's really cute i must say. GREAT job!

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awesome man very nice

good very good...nice animation style, interesting plot

sure this is going to the frontpage

You are AWESOME!

Ignore guXit. Animation, whether flash or a movie, is acceptable here. And considering you animated it yourself, even more so.
I loved the style... it kinda looked like it was inked on parchment, like with a calligraphy brush. Very simple, too, which I liked. Isn't it fitting that the little dude beat out the big guy? Rather satisfying.
I'm giving you a 5, and you've well-earned it.

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Aug 24, 2008
1:05 PM EDT
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