There She Is!! step4

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Hi, this is amalloc of SamBakZa.

This one has different color than before.
If you didn't see this series before, I recommend that see the first episode ~ step3 first.
I wish you have a good time with this short animation.
The full title is "There She Is!! step4 - paradise"

There is one last episode left.
Thank you NG and all fans.

I can't believe this. 4.71 - what is this number? (^^;;)
Honestly, I was afraid of that people dosn't like "step4" than before, because it's too serious.
I read the comments. Thank you all.
Please be with me until the end of series.



this entire series has been so great that words are not needed... great job, and can't wait for the conclusion!

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so sad they breakm up. is this the end?

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These videos are so well put it's crazy. This one specifically. EPIC JOB. Even I was surprised by the crazily high score of 4.75, but once I actually saw the video... well... here I am :)

Your series rocks all the houses. Heck, if it was longer, I'd buy the movie (if didn't already see it on newgrounds). Everything is so well done, so well put, and easy to understand. It doesn't even need a summary because everyone who's seen the last the 3 steps knows (almost) exactly what's going on.
As an added plus, you can feel for all the characters. The bunny's friends and family are all there and though you hardly recognize them (we only see them like once or twice), we appreciate them.

Just one thing... why's it always gotta get to an airport? It just seems to happen in more than a few love stories (but that could just be me. But that's just personal.

This movie deserves every bit of the EPIC...

5 OUT OF 5
Woot! Can't wait for the last one! It'll rock.

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DragonDragon: a true inspiring work of art

No words can be said to truly express how one truly feels on such a magnificent flash video.
Such a story deserves attention from beyond the usual borders of the Internet.
This is proof that people can still show us though something as simple as a flash video, the meaning of unity, friendship and love regardless of any differences of any kind. People who experience the type of things displayed in this video in their daily lives will shed tears as the watch this creation.
The creators of this short movie see one of the greatest problems in the history of human society and have showed us and will continue to show us how human beings should truly be like.
The animation is without doubt outstanding, and it is like watching a fully paid-for-view movie in the theaters. It is simple in its essence yet passes though to us, besides the feeling of a smooth film with a lot of effort put behind it, a great message which we should all learn from.
The music is excellent and flowing, and it is just one song the entire time. A nice beat yet keeps the audience from dancing, while keeping them sitting down and watching the movie, which is very good to keep the audience interested in the movie and its story rather than the movie's soundtracks.

While being a short flash movie, it still makes many feel like they have been part of the experience, sharing the characters feelings and thoughts. This makes the audience feel like much more than a few minutes have passed.

The multilingual text included in this film makes the film look like it's a story taken some where other then where the viewer is, yet part of a problem that is everywhere.

Adding "Paradise" was a great idea! A place where they can finally live at with no worries, no hatred. I would say more but I do not want to spoil it for others who have not yet seen the video (assuming that anyone will ever even read so much to get to these lines).

I cannot, and will not stop visiting newgrounds daily in order to see the next one.
And in a reply to what you wrote in the Author Comments, we are all with you, and we will all be with you till even after the end of the series.

I wish all the good luck in the world, and look forward to more of your work!

From DragonDragon, I thank you for your creations - gifts to the newgrounds community, and I wish all the good luck in the world, and look forward to more of your work!

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never disappoints, ever!

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Aug 24, 2008
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