Psychopathic Quiz 2

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I AM NOT A JUGGALO ANYMORE! Sorry guys, I'm not a juggalo anymore. Stop pming me asking me to make a new quiz.

Alright before I start let me clear up a couple things:

1.) This is not a quiz if you are a psychopath or not. It is a quiz about the record label "Psychopathic." When I submitted the first quiz a lot of people got those mixed up.

2.) I know ICP and Eminem aren't fighting anymore. Yet, I still don't like Eminem so I included him in the flash instead of anyone else.

3.) If you don't like the music, don't play. If you don't play, don't vote. If you don't like the music and still decide to play, vote on what the quiz is and not what its about.

4.) This game isn't only about people who are currently on Psychopathic. There are also past artists and associated underground groups to bump up the difficulty level.

Welcome to the Psychopathic Quiz 2.

Here you will be stumped by 45 questions that'll even have Juggalos down since Carnival of Carnage scratchin' their heads. Although there are 5 more questions in the first version this one has harder questions.

As you get through each difficulty get something just for your amusement or something to help you beat the quiz. In this Psychopathic Quiz there is no story about going to Shangri-La, you don't have to suffer through my animations each time you get a question right and I have added extras.

Much clown love from me and if you find any problems please report them so I can keep this as fresh as possible



EDIT!!!::: Ok, that really pisses me off. A lot of people are commenting saying stuff about how much they hate the band and how this quiz has nothing to do with being Psychopathic. When I clearly stated at the top of the authors comments NOT TO DO THAT. I'm really starting to think Newgrounders can't read, or find it takes too much effort to read a couple sentences and a paragraph (even if its not a solid block of text) scares them.


a checkpoint saves you so the fact that you can't go back in this quiz sucks. also, why post a band that no one knows that well. honestly, i believe eminem is better.

Nice quiz.

Really good questions, and I learned some pretty cool things I didn't know about the Psychopathics (by guessing, lulz). Thanks for repping (HeD) p.e., by the way.

shits nice

luv the vid bro.

Right On!

This quiz is bad ass. Very nicely made.

damn good vid

i got this wallet.... 3/5

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Aug 23, 2008
6:09 PM EDT
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