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****************PLEASE READ FIRST*****************

this is a news blog type thing done with animation
these will be done once a week (when we get the hang of it)
it was made for last Wednesday's blog (I'm a bit late posting it)
it's not meant to be a whole amazing animation, but keep in mind this is for a weekly news update

pellmellproductions dot com

http://www.myspace dot com/pellmellproductions

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A bit of potential drowned in pretentiousness

Just for the fun of it, I watched through this whole thing counting the number times you guys repeated yourselves needlessly. The grand total came to 31 times. 31 times!!!!! That would be president Bush making a speech and repeating every sentence and point twice ... oh wait, that actually happened. On a similar note you guys used other filler words such as 'like', 'uh', and 'yeah' a total of 44 times for a grand total of 75 useless filler phrases. In other words about half this blog was Bull Shit.

Right, so now now with cards on the table hard enough to bonce off and slit some one's throat let's get down to the juicy criticism shall we. Now I was about to criticize the animation or perhaps lack-there-of but on reflection an animated blog doesn't necessarily need much animation, and there are plenty of other more poorly animated blogs on Newgrounds and some of are actually genuinely funny. What a blog does need though is humor and this is where you two seem to have missed the mark.

Lets make one thing clear, inside jokes are only funny to the people you know personally, and as a rule of thumb you should never use them in a public blog or any form of media for that matter. I found this flash on the portal under the top 50 of all time and I'm still somewhat bewildered as to how it got there, but the fact that it's on the portal would suggest it's meant to be viewed by all, and yet most of the jokes were inside jokes that will only be funny to you two and your closest friends. It completely isolates everyone else and will not earn you any fans. Sure you could try explaining the joke like you did with that pun thing but it still won't be funny cause you didn't tell it right in the first place.

It may just because I work as an audio tech, but I found the recording quality to be abysmal. The audio just needs alot of touch up. I can tell you guys are using a cheap radio shack quality mic without a preamp, and while that's forgivable you could at least be consistent with the way you talk. Half the time your yelling into the mic and the other half you talking to a wall causing the volume to waiver so much I'd swear you goal is to blow out our ear drums. It's like you guys are mad at us or something. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything to offend you two, except maybe this review, but it was written after the fact so point null and void. A little touch up on the audio would have gone a long way.

It's not just the above issues either the bulk of the flash is just announcements and pleads for comments, which all and all amount to the creators (to use a clique term) 'whoring' out their comic. It does have a some things going for it though, there was some pretty cleaver sarcasm buried in there that would have made a good flash better, but as it stands just make a bad flash pretentious. The two creators seemed to be getting a kick out the whole thing, in fact a considerable amount of time was spent just listening to them laugh. In fact all and all this flash blog seems more like something made for the creators and not the viewer.

I suppose I feel more obliged to go all out on the criticism since this flash had a very high score at time of reviewing, but in truth it's not that bad in comparison to alot of the other turds that pop onto the portal 50 at a time, but when you compare it to the shinning gems that normal populate the top 50 the little pebble that is PMP just doesn't stack up. There certainly is plenty of room for improvement, as well as better audio tuning, it would help to actually plan out what your going to say so you don't interrupt each other or spend as much using filler phrases that make the whole thing very boring, and who knows maybe you could even crack a few jokes that the rest of us will find funny.

Klimdeeni responds:

we had only one inside joke in the whole thing and that was your focus?
if there were any other "inside jokes" they were refrences to the first blog.

as for the auido, yeah it's crap. that's what happens when you have a shitty quality microphone and no money to buy a better one. you work with what you got

and as for not being funny and people not getting it, you might want to tell all the other hundreds of people who found it funny and keep begging for more to come out.

I know you're just being a critic and only going off of this one (not looking at blog 1) and i know the quality isn't perfect, but lighten up. it's just a movie ;)

In a nutshell...

This definitely ranks on par with Zone hentai demos. Still, I suggest you make some changes to your lifestyle i.e. diet, wardrobe, vernacular, artillery, in order to stay buoyant in the arms race of Newgrounds. As of this moment, the Tankmen still could squash you with their hypothetical dicks. Nene, who is perpetually younger than you, wears a purple dress, and has herpes, is responsible for every death that has ever affected you simply because her suicides are frame-by-frame more explicitly profound than your jibba-jabba.

Don't get me wrong. You have the potential to be powerful. I will be looking forward to seeing how you come to master your talents. Do not try to look for me. I do not exist. In time, if you are so lucky, I will find you.

~Keyser Söze



Nice try

you may have pixel dragon as your mascot..... but i have the Flarfegnuton

lol funny

lol it was pretty funny... :D

By the way it was on rank 96 then i gave 5/5 then it rised to 66 ;D

Klimdeeni responds:

well thanks for ranking it up then I suppose :D

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4.52 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2008
11:44 PM EDT