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WoodMan Is Incredible

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"WoodMan tries to destroy MegaMan before he foils Dr. Wily's Plans."

This took me about a week to make, I could say it took longer than I expected because I had to redo the last scene. Flash can be a pain sometimes. Well enjoy!

Voice Acting:
Wood Man by Sonicmega
Dr. Wily by D-Mac-Double

Really special thank Sonicmega for all the support while working on this flash, your a good friend :)

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The sprite was great, but I didn't find it to be that good. It's mostly because there isn't much that happened. I was expecting some bigger finish. Well, the voice acting was nice. It sounds like someone who worked on "Dragonball Z". It's a great imitation.

The balls are inert. Maybe that's what got me in the mood. It did get unpredictable at the end. It just should have been longer. Loved the Team Rocket reference.

That was hilarious, especially the Team Rocket reference. Keep up the awesome work! :D

The real Woodman is much tougher than your version but I do agree that he is such a silly concept. Dr. Wily really must've been on something when creating him. LOL!

Fighting woodman with the mega buster? That's some ballsy shit.

CVAnimation responds:

I know, I made fun of Wood Man, but in reality he's really though!

I guess I was making fun of the concept of their being a robot made out of wood. haha! Thanks for the review! :)