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Wave Warrior Sonic EXE

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This is my first RPG battle system game
sorry if the sound format kinda bad
i can't upload it if the memory above 10 MB
so i have no choice but to decrease the sound quality
sorry guys
in wave warrior EXE episode 2, i promise the sound will be better


Long time ago when the power of dragon still has a effect on this world. the world is protected by 4 guardian and 3 warrior
they also known as a 7 legendary warrior
however because of the mysterious fight
all the legendary warrior have been died,
but there's still two warrior left,the one is zero
zero fight to revenge the other legendary warrior
and he finally found someone who killed the legendary warrior,his name is weil
but unfortunately zero is also beaten by weil
weil make the zero reborn in 2 different part body.
one is omega, the other one is sealed somewhere in the underground laboratory. the other warrior that known as a perfect warrior is lost mysteriously, and the legendary warrior is just history. but all the weapon of them is still left, some people believe that the weapon is sealed the soul of warrior that already died, scared of their power, all people locked all the weapon in the sealed mountain

Special Thanks:

JoeThe Echidna
Megaman Groups
Backgrounds HQ.com
Daniel Sidney
Black Devil X (without this guy, i don't even think about making this RPG style game)

once again please forgive my bad grammar
i try so hard for this one
and sorry for non-stop clicking
i will upload the edited version
you soon can see the enemy health point,go forward by pressing enter key, new dialogue^^(haha)
and shorter emerald chase

nb: i'm already upload the edited version

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/457346

in edited version you can see the enemy health,go forward by pressing enter key,and shorter emerald chase

Difficulty : Easy

Attack :
- Zero Slash
- Energy Spread
- Zero Shoot
- Triple Blade

Special Attack : ---------
Strategy : he is the easiest enemy in this episode, just use your special attack
to make him down

Difficulty : Easy-Medium

Attack :
- Kunai Bomb
- Grey Tornado
- Kunai Thrower
- Shuriken Assault
- Espio Blade

Special Attack : -Phantom Soulinker(Multiple Kunai Bomb)
Strategy : Espio is probably easy if you use your skill point correctly
First you must not waste your skill point by using sonic wave and any special attack
use your normal attack instead, and use healer skill immedietly if your health point down
wait patiently until your overdrive point full, and blast him with your zero soulinker

Difficulty : Hard

Attack :
- Aqua Splash
- FrostBite
- Ice Spear
- Freezing Wall
- Rouge Kick
- Multiple Strike
- Heal

Special Attack : -Leviathan Soulinker(Hydro Cannon)
Strategy : Same as espio, but she got powerful attack and ton of health point, so you mustn't waste your
skill point in this battle, use it for heal only, when your overdrive point is full
use it quckly, or she will knock you with her hydro cannon deathly attack
normal attack work perfectly on her

Visit me on Deviantart : http://arthuria99.deviant art.com/

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A little iffy but the game just played just fine.

Running Time To ESCAPE

Best Sonic flash game I've played so far, about to play the other two.

This game is very awesome dude, good job

Get your grammar right.