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The Red Cross gives help to people in need all over the world regardless of skin color, nationality, beliefs or gender. Working for the Red Cross might be the toughest job on earth. Lives depend on your decisions, therefore you need to prioritize your tasks. When so many people are suffering who are you going to help first...Yes...it's a though call, but in the real world emergency situations are hard and sometimes breathtaking.

In ERU it's your call: Which tasks are most urgent? Are certain situations more critical? Which assets have to be deployed? Do you have enough material to get the job done? Time is running out!!

In ERU (Emergency Response Unit) "The Red Cross Game" you are in control of a Red Cross base camp and your decisions can be life saving. ERU is a simulation, made with the help of Red Cross specialists. You will really learn what the Red Cross is all about by playing this game.


Dr Spengler

Dr Spengler i now you dont like the game but still to say that the red cross sells low budget at an inflated price is just bad the red cross will do more charity that you will do in you entire life and why would they want to sell inflated games they just want to help people.Enough said.

Now on to the game itself i wouldent play it because its just too slow and I don't now if it done this for any one else but it realy badly lagged so i give a 3/10.

Good Basis

i know how you are trying to make people aware of the red cross by putting it in a form of media that they would enjoy but it just didnt break through to me i think i gave it an 8 for just being such a great cause

good concept

this is a good game it does run a bit slow on my computer but i dont have the latest in hardware lol. the fact you have to pay for the acutal game is a rip off in my opinion. but its good never the less as it gives many people an insite into what the red cross have to deal with during conflicts and whatnot.


i thought it was good but a bit too slow paced

I have great respect for the red cross but...

This game has way too many flaws for me to score it well.

First there is very little instruction given. What's the point of setting up shelters rather than relocating the homeless? Why should I prepare a clinic rather than simply sending a medical team?

Second the game claims to be a strategy game but there isn't much strategy involved. I suppose waiting to finish primary objectives until the secondary ones show up could be called a strategy, but other than that it's a lot of clicking and waiting.

Third is the speed at which the game plays. Is it really necessary to have photorealist maps when I'm not using 60% of it? The game runs so slow on hard that it crashes flash by the second mission.

Fourth if I want the full game not only do I have to download it (why is the demo in flash if the full game isn't?) I also have to have windows. What kind of charity turns people away based on their operating system?

Its nice to know a bit more about the red cross but I have to wonder if the "percentage of profits given to the red cross" isn't simply a scheme to sell low budget games at an inflated price!

Bottom line, If this game wasn't associated with the red cross would you buy it? If not think about how trying to sell this game reflects on your company.

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3.45 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2008
8:20 AM EDT
Simulation - Job