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TLoDZ Episode 2

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As the same as Episode 1, this is an upgraded version of my original copy of the second episode of my "Legend of Dark Zelda" (TLoDZ) series. This episode contains cleaner sprites, better movement animation, and higher quality sounds than it's original copy. Speaking of my first episode, I am really happy to see that it has lasted and is still up on Newgrounds for over almost 2 weeks.

I once again apologize for the pretty short length of the movie. I promise that each episode following this will be longer than its previous. I hope you enjoy Episode 2 and look forward to the rest of the series.

Thanks for your support!

Titan Strife
A.K.A - Key-to-Dreams

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the bomb thing was great. the third is the best, but i still like the first 2 :D


I couldn't help but just burst out a laugh when link was blown up XD

Oh I get what you are doing

I saw the first episode and I thought it was too short, and nothing happened that was really exciting to see. But now seeing this one, I realized what you are doing. Each episode is a way of Link finally getting the triforce and then that Dark Link comes in and kills Link in a certain way and get the triforce. I see what you are doing. I have to say is that's clever and I hope you make the new episodes new like new ways of the Dark Link to kill the other Link, and maybe Link tries to trick the Dark Link or something like that. I hope to see next one really soon.

nice man

a little on the short side, but exploding link and dark psycho link were pretty cool. props to you.


Yay for 8-bit Zelda and Flashes based upon it.

Though, you get no points for taste.

8-bit pixel gore? Sheesh. N.A.R.C maybe, but not our beloved LoZ.

And Dark Link's unspoken (or untyped) line is "lol i bawm u noob." Not really a lot of comedic punch.