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You cannot defeat OCCO

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A stab at a platform game boss.

You cannot defeat him. (Unless you've played and beaten Rockman Zero, if so you are fucked up on the inside).

Arrow keys to move
Down key to roll (like the megaman slide)
Z to jump
X to attack
C for specials

your ground special allows you to chain another hit after your normal attack, your air special allows you to hover faster(horizontally) in air. Use of dash, along with every other feature, is essential in defeating Oshishio.

But you cannot defeat him.

Predict his pattern, attack his openings, and work your way to a shitty ending...
or just play it once and drop by a "ITS TOO HARD" on the comments and rate it a 2 or 3, both ways are fine.

the real purpose of the game was to show off my custom edits, but OH WOW LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF EFFORT IT TOOK! IT'S ALMOST AS MUCH EFFORT AS DRAWING A STICKMAN ON YOUR MOUSE THERE, HO HO HO!

It may not seem like it, but these are helpful reviews. Gives me a brief idea about player preference, skill level, and their attention spans. Thanks everyone for reviewing.

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That was nice and I realy wanted to see the ending.

It is realy good for what it is supposed to be. But I still give it a review for how much I like this and the other games made on this account.

I realy wondered what he was shouting and which language this is! Ok to the gameplay.

The attacks were indicated nicely by his moves beforehand. But I realy had to focus. It also helps to keep your distance and wait for his next move.

Though I could not figure out how to dodge certain things like when he ran at you and exploded. Sometimes he stopped before he reached you and then often enough he just ran into you to make his explosion. That made it a potion luck based to beat him for me.
Also when he did his special move I just took it and tried to land as many hits as possible.

In one of my (I guess about 30) tires to beat him I also got him glitched. He was just frozen in place. Sadly I couldnĀ“t hurt him anymore so I couldnĀ“t take advantage of this. :D