Diablo The Parody Act 1

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This is a reply to the request for a sequel to The adventures of lee

At the moment you can only choose one character, Rouge, the one on the right!
I am just submitting a demo of a game I am creating, this is the first act in a three act game
you may see some familiar faces and get the strange sensation of deja vu
but i assure you this is all original material "wink"
Please comment on how this game could be improved
(I know there isnt much sound but i will add more to the full game)
oh and if you find any glitchs or owt tell me please thanks!!



Was quite interesting at first, but when I had to restart at the beginning EVERY F'ING TIME I DIED that was very annoying. I quit when I got asked some random question about the TMNTs.


the game was good, and the efects are fine.
i know how hard is the scripts, good for you.
good work i like it. :)

well uhmm ...

this was well intresting but none the less pointless and a waste of time for you to spend the time to make it when you know it will get trashed and bombed for the pointlessness and stupidy of it, it is a game so i guess it has to get stars but very pointless no combat easy to get around and very dull and boring plot

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Eh OK I guess

Im a nice guy here's a F*cking 10, Enjoy! Now you go f*ck off with your medal you retarted JEWISH B@st@red! J/K

silverbackjack responds:

ha you had the patience to sit it all the way through... that comment wont be on the full game dont worry


kwite gd :D

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2.50 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2008
2:53 PM EDT
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