Mutteo in NES Land ep2

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2nd EDIT: I changed the look of the house and changed the neighborhood a little. Maybe now I can work on my newer projects...

EDIT: I have to say it's rather embarrassing that this episode did worse than the first one when it premiered. I will still continue to work hard to get noticed on this site. I replaced Erica's voice with that of Mippa, so it should sound better. Speaking of which, I added a couple more songs and replaced the old 8-bit songs with remixed ones. I don't know if that makes it better. I thought it was rather good.

Runtime:12 minutes; I apologize again for the length. I just get too involved with my animations.

Notice: The voices are somewhat louder than ep1, so don't crank the volume up too loud.

You don't need to watch episode 1 to enjoy this episode. I basically explain the story pretty clear in scene 2. You can always watch episode 1 if you want, though it's a lot different from this episode. This one is much faster paced and filled with a lot more action and strange humor. Also, you get a better look on the kind of whack job Mutteo is.

Let me just put this out in the open. This episode focuses on the storyline of Castlevania, but most of this movie takes the sprites and scenes from Simon's Quest. I did this intentionally because I love the 2nd game for it's role play and townspeople and I felt it was appropriate for a Dracula themed episode. So it's not exactly authentic to the original game, but hey it's a comedy, not a historical document. At any rate you'll see monsters and scenes from the original Castlevania in episode 3.

Also this episode focuses on Mutteo's other friend, Erica. She's the exact opposite of Arty, but I feel she's as fun and interesting to the show as he is. So whether you love her or hate her, she's around to stay.

If you're wondering when the next episode is coming out, it might take up to three months. I'm sorry about that, but my computer is ancient and this flash program is not too fresh either. It took me forever to make this episode. Even working 5 hours a day on this isn't enough to speed it along, not to mention spending a few days trying to figure out why my computer wasn't exporting the episode when it was smaller than the last piece, but I digress. I am buying a new memory card, so I'm hoping the animation won't be as tedious and slow paced as before. I assure you, that I love doing this work and I plan to work on these episodes for a very long time.



If Erica hates vidjya gaymz so much then why is she so good at them?

Mutteo responds:

A good question Jake. You see Mutteo is good at playing video games, but when it comes to real life, he is uncoordinated, out of shape, unskilled.

Erica works out at the gym and takes classes at the town's dojo. She takes care of her body rather than laying on the couch all day. That and her rage of men and her compulsive need to win against anybody makes her a super athlete on real life.

Turning a video game into real life just swaps the leadership roles. Mutteo can't survive a video game world like she can, she just doesn't play video games, so she kinda just wings it.

"But I've got 5 shots left"

Amazing concept and hilarious at the same time, since it's sprites animation can't be judged except that you put in non-sprite images, great job mixing the two into one better combination. So? Are we there yet? Yes I'm done... Nope, lied... KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB!!! Now I'm done.


this is very good still like three better but people i can see why you wouldn't like erica but i do. mainley because it's funny to beat the crapp out of muetto.

awesome stuff

i really like your work, i too saw a reference its a song by The Black Dahlia Murder "what a horrible night for a curse".

once again, greeaattttt job!

great flash

Great animation. lols all around. But is it me, or does Erica seemingly have a suppressed S&M fetish. I say this because she looked like she was having too much fun with the whip.

Mutteo responds:


I think so.

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Aug 19, 2008
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Comedy - Parody