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Two full days of animating led to the travesty you're about to endure.
Watch it in pop-up mode.
Daily 9th place, not bad.

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Phat Lulz

Hahahaha, that was great. There are so many people like that. And I didn't notice that pot leaf in his headdress the first few times I saw it. How very much like you, haha.

prime XD

I wish it was longer!

I have to agree

Subtitles would've done this movie a lot of good. But stilll... funny-ass shit. I didn;t expect the arrow, but I laughed so hard when he got the other guy. "Knock, kno-UGH!" LMAO

I enjoyed this!

Pointers... I used audacity on all my flashes, and one thing I've learned with it is <always use subtitles>
it greatly increases replayability because people usually usually focus on them, and if they find the story appealing they watch again to enjoy the animation side, more than the story side.
overall I enjoyed the animation, and got most of the dialogue that was said, good job man!


that part scared me when he got struck with an arrow i wasent epecting that, but is funny because im native american too.also man i cant hear it! yous subtitles if your gonna do that.