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Extreme Patriots

rated 2.62 / 5 stars
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Aug 18, 2008 | 5:12 PM EDT

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Author Comments

First off, I would like to mention that this game isn't yet finished, however, its got to the point where it is very presentable and I think is ready to start promoting. The further releases will just be new levels mostly. Perhaps the game will even need to be in multiple parts due to file size restrictions. So this is probably going to be the final version of this bit of the game.

This is my first real flash game. I would like to first mention, that this is not supposed to be a rip-off/clone of Metal Gear. In-Fact, I've never played a Metal Gear game before. The game is actually based off of a dream I had one night.

Its about how an extremist group manages to take over Canada and brings all the youth to military training camps. You are a group of high school students who escape from one of these camps and then break into a nearby camp that's holding girls from another school from your city. You save one of them who has already begun breaking out herself and then continue on to save your country.

The final game will have about 30 levels, as well as split screen multiplayer. The current version has 6 levels and no multiplayer.


The game uses a Level password system at the moment. The passwords are:

Level 2: "carz"
Level 3: "ropez"
Level 4: "savepeople"
Level 5: "killpeople"
Level 6: "runover"


Move: Arrow Keys (WASD support coming soon)
Knife: Spacebar (You don't get it until level 4)


Spotlights: (Yes I know they're square) They have snipers watching them, so if you get spotted, you're going to get shot.
Blue Cars: Don't crash into these when driving the RV. You'll crash and die.
Guards: These will shoot you if they see you. They can be killed with the knife. The eyeball shows you how far they can see.\
Tanks: These will destroy your RV if they spot you. The cross-hair shows how far they can see.

The official site for the game is: http://www.nintenreport.c om/media



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Sup, Emasher

Since this is only the demo (and its good don't get me wrong) im going to rate lower than max (but hey i'm pretty sure not many people would[except maybe Steven]) I'm looking forward to the full version.
Cheers, FU77M3747


Rated 3 / 5 stars


i liked the idea your promoting here. the story has much potential and i dont think you should be worried about people accusing of ripping off Metal Gear.
however i think you should put a little more into the development of the story and the characters. it seemed to just jump into the plot there somewhat jarringly in the beggining. the graphics i didnt mind, seeing as this is your first flash.
you definately get an A for effort. keep it the good work!