Ski Toll Drop

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You are the wealthy manager of a very popular ski lift. You must notify each car at the opportune time when to deploy its toll so that it falls directly into the collecting chute. This requires precise timing and reflexes. Collect at least eight dollars to pass the level. If the toll is deployed at the incorrect time, therefore missing the chute, the dollar is not added to the account, but instead subtracted. This devastates the manager and if this occurs to often, you lose a life.



The bad news:
I would've liked when I clicked the car, to go down where it was, not to continually moving the way the car was.
More backgrouds,
A little music,
Perhaps a money sign from the toll area when the cash goes in or a money sound.

The good news:
Fine animation
Drawings okay, not Michelangelo of course.
Good concept

Basing on that you had to do this in two days, it's substantially better then anything I could throw together in a year.
Improve a bit.

WaveLengthGames responds:

Thank you for telling me what you think! This ill greatly help later games.

Too easy or too difficult?

Not the best concept, the animation is fine but the game itself is just way too easy once you get the timing right and it easily loses interest. At the same time, in the beginning it was too difficult because the cars would race by and the money would float with only a very small portal to aim for. Once it was found though, the game became cake.

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WaveLengthGames responds:

Thank You for your response. This will be noted in later games.


Graphics are horrible, and when I click the button labeled, "Insert label here," I went to a blank screen. WTF?

WaveLengthGames responds:

Abstain from references to profanity. Besides, YOU COULDN'T MAKE SOMETHING 1,000,000nth AS GOOD!!!!!! You are just some boring teen playing video games. (no offense)

Bugged and boring

Sorry, dont know if this is your first game or not, but it really isnt very fun.

Plus clicking on any of the signs that say "insert logo here" take you to a blank screen that you can't get out of. Game just seems unfinished, and as if its copied from a generic game template or tutorial or something.

WaveLengthGames responds:

We sent this game to many sponsors first. To prevent fraud, we put it PLACE LOGO HERE so they know where logos can go and won't try to put it on there website. We accidentally submitted the wrong version.

why bother?

boring repetitive gamepaly, poor graphics, no sound. Worst of all is the fact that the game is unfinished.... why post an unfinished game?

WaveLengthGames responds:

This game was produced in two days. The point of this was to see how all of the sponsors work. For example, is it better to make many quick games or make one quality game. Basically, quality or quantity.

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1.63 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2008
4:59 PM EDT
Skill - Other