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aoto teaser

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I know this isnt the best animation, its just something I wanted to show. This really proves nothing for me as an animator, but i wanted to post this and i wanted you to let me know as the viewer what you think. If you think this looks like total bdsm gag crap, let me know. If you think this looks some what fresh let me know. i just want to know what YOU think. So write a review. peace.

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nice start

nuf said

nice work

beautiful music. nice fire-effect.also the intro 'doss film' was really good animated. I am looking forward to see the actual movie (if you intend to make one)

Dossfilm responds:

i'll be here sure enough, just need steady planning. If I can pull off what I have intended it will be have to be pretty fucking precise.

Nice job.

When I read your Author Comments I was all prepared for another blamtastic five-second animation, but I was very surprised. In a good way. This was a good start, and I liked the music, but it didn't really go anywhere(plotwise). Nice animation, though.

Dossfilm responds:

Please go check out my other animation Called City Royale. To get a better feel for my animation style.


I liked the graphics and the animation but i couldn't understand anything. Did you make it confusing on purpose to make us look forward to the movie or what?

Dossfilm responds:


Pretty good

you got a pretty good idea, but no story, and whats aoto? if your going to make short formed names please add what it means in discription, all in all 8 stars out of 10

Dossfilm responds:

it means alpha of the omega. kind of a pretentious title, but i like it.