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This is !The First Ever! submission i have made to NG, its just short . Its a stickman animation with blood in it basicly, i supose stickmen animations arent that popular anymore unles used with wicked skill... oh well, i thought id submit it cus its one that i have actualy finished... (oh, and i finished it in 2 days although i put finishing touches before i subm,mitted it) ... il be submiting more some time in the near future. ;)

+plus it would be great to get my stickmen into the Stick collection, please help!



Very good for a first submission, the starting was a bit too long and i think u should use the onion skin feature in flash to create a more dynamic animation for ur stick figures if its a frame by frame animation Anyway good but i look forward to see better from u

ProdigalFlashMaster responds:

Thanks for the onion-skin info! :D

Can use some work...

In all I did think that it was a fine flash, I loved how you built the character in the beginning there's just a few things that might help you get better scores on your future movies.

The slow motion replay, in my opinion should be kept on television, not on flash.
Put a little bit more effort into your gun, I want to know its a rocket launcher, not be told its a rocket launcher.
When you fire a gun (espically a rocket) your body doesn't lock up, try to add a kickback motion into someone when they fire.

Other than that good job, I look forward to seeing if you take my advice.
6/10, 4/5

ProdigalFlashMaster responds:

thanks for the advice, yeh i deffenitly should have put more effort into my gun, also i thought of how the guy holding the gun could slightly fly backward into the other guy then forward into ... oh whatever, :) im working on another stickman animation, im using onion skining on that... but i didnt think i would get into stickmen, its the whole fbf i dont like, i wouldnt mind a fbf for art, thatd be fun... oh.. il do that lol. Thanks For The Advice. cyu

EDIT: well, on this animation, his body doooes lock up, its a darn cartoon m8, the slow motion replay was funny and i think quite imaginative, otherwise it would be boring, the art of the rocket was bad, i admit.

dude it not bad

i have to say rework it a bit it kinda like you should say it a noob playing a shooter. sorry that is what it looks like but then again i should shut up cause i am noob in a shooter
try again dude or dudette

ProdigalFlashMaster responds:

yeh, that would be funny too.. haha.. or mabye hes a noob shooter thats got immence luck, hehe


Is the really the best creativity you've got? I know flash animating may be hard for first timers, but a plot, and actual characters is what most look for. Not a 10 second stick figure animation seemingly made by a child. I may be harsh, but that's how it is.

ProdigalFlashMaster responds:

awww, wheres the constructive critisism there? i know it should be longer and is Another lame stickman animation but atleast tell me a bit more sutterly. lol. OH and infact there is creative traits in it, the rocket launcher smashes into the guys head and blows the other guy up ... lol.. bluuooouuurruuddd.


Its just gotta be longer then its a ten!!! So funny.
you could do alot with that!

ProdigalFlashMaster responds:

Thank you very much, i thought about making it longer but decided i need to finish it before i get bored with it. lol

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2.05 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2008
8:38 PM EDT
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