Professor Layton pt. 1

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The Professor receives some puzzling news...



This is a clear deviation from your previous works and I have to say it's rather disapointing. The humor is there, but just about every "joke" is long and draw out to the point of absurdity. Plus the delivery of each joke is so nearly identical that it feels like the same one over and over again (doctor neglect in a serious situation/abrupt statment of shocking quality). Also, the animation was, for lack of a more adequate word, shat-tastic, but I gather that this was due to extreme laziness and therefor intentional (a condition I can well except and understand, but it does not help the video one bit).

From reading some other reviews, I gathered that this is a game pariody, so I may be missing a great deal of the funny due to that, but I still can't find good with this, especially considering the quality I associate with your other works. Having seen the second iteration, it just seems more of the same on a downward trend; the jokes being now not only repetative and drawn out, but blatently juvinile. What I would very much like to see is more of "the pickup" and similar caliber works, or at the least a brief explination as to the sudden shift in status quo.

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Skaijo responds:

That's not a problem at all. In fact, I applaud comments like this over "This sucks--do moar like Don't Trip already Vote=0!"

I guess to address the most important fact--this is a based off a video game. It's called Professor Layton and... (insert longer subtitle here) and it plays on the Nintendo DS. It's a puzzle game that pretends to be an adventure game--but it's great fun all the same.

To commerate the fun I had, I played with the idea to make a Prof. Layton flash for kicks. I tried to make this funny--and I admit my kind of humor isn't for everyone. But I just share what I do as a hobby all the same and figure someone out there may like it too. The animation quality and audio are purposely low, both to speed up the process (while the jokes are still funny to me) and to maintain an aesthetic that fits the kind of lazy humor I like.

Also--these kinds of side projects let me experiment technically with some neat ideas. Like Metal Gear Yotsuba gave me the chance to work on picture-in-picture scenes and effects, which I later used in This is Unmei, one of my major projects.

I appreciate that you like my major series like Pick Up. I'm definetly planning out Act 3 even now and hope you'll check out my next major project to come out--The Love I'm Searching 4 (some screenshots on my DA :D ). But until then, as I'm working on The Love, I like to keep the juices flowing by finishing projects like this--it makes my hobby all the more sweeter.

"This reminds me of a puzzle..."

"..and the other dog says, 'Hey. I'm going to die in 5 months. And... that's how long you have to live."



i found that so funny , the way they talk at the same time....Lol the doctor tell a
joke after telling the guy he has a brain cancer rofl ><

one thing

the overlapping voice kinda.. pissed me off kuz i couldn't hear anything, but its good


I thought it was preety funny i laughed for a good while. Great job

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Aug 17, 2008
2:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody