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The Last Hour: Chapter 8

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Author Comments

The Last Hour series is an award winning series that is about the alternative interpretation of the Last Hours on earth before the coming of Christ. In this version of Revelations, the Anti-Christ allies himself with an alien race from the planet of Jaiba.

From the vault of Jaiba Productions, Jaiba productions proudly presents to you, the newest installment of The Last Hour series.

The Last Hour: Chapter 8 (Jaibidians)
Previously on the last Chapter of The Last Hour series, The pope orders the vatican to take up the anti-christ sis holy symbol in a form of a mark. Those who do not take up the mark are heretics and must be destroyed. Finally in this chapter the aliens from the planet jaiba shall be revealed as the adventure continues!

I hope you enjoy the series.
***I will respond to every single review. I'll be happy to take your criticism, and i'll take your suggestions into consideration. It's my promise for taking the time to watch this chapter. It will be perfect for you to increase your review/response ratio. Thanks again.***


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A strange film indeed.

The graphics were a bit simple, with it mainly just being drawings with minimal tweening. It would've been nice to have seen some more movement.

The audio was cool, but very poorly recorded. I wish you had been in a quite room, or even edited slightly.

The story was pretty cool if just not a little short. Would've been nice if it was at least 4 to 5 times longer. But a nice story.

Overall a good movie, but too short and too simple. Needs improving.

=Review Request Club=

Silly but not funny.

In the intro, it should be 'anti christ's'. Not 'anti christ sis'.

The drawing of the aliens was cool and I liked the silhouetted shapes on that green.

My main complaint is again the stupidly short length. Why on earth didn't you stick these in one movie?

Overall, it was yet another movie that failed to create any real effect.

Boring again.

You have proven yourseelf on the drawing side of things but you need more action. There is minimal animation, which makes me think that you didn't put a lot of effort into this. just did a movie clip of the main bug character moving around while talking. Not very hard to do at all and not intersting either.

I know your chapter 10 was a lot better but you should have thought this series through more before starting it as the episodes are too short and boring.

therefore i cant give you a high score for this

Review Request Club


Well, You are getting better and better at your work, but, I have found some flaws:

Graphics/Animation: The animation was pretty basic so there is not much needed to do here, It doesn't look like you took much time with your animation which is a bad thing, The background, well it doesnt look too god, it is a bit pixely and it doesn't have much of a 3d feel as it should.
Story: The story seems to be dragging on with all these parts.
Sound: The background noise was well synced and the voice acting is getting a bit better.
Overall: You done good but it was pretty average and too short.

>Review Request Club<


Graphics are pretty good in this one. Even though everything is painted in very dark colours, there are still some nice details, like the lightening in the background.

Again, this chapter lacks some serious animations. That creature on top of the hill is the only thing that moves a little, everything else stands there stock-still.

The sound is a bit weird this time. While the background noises fit the scenery pretty well, we can here some big static noises when that thing on the hill is beginning to speak.

Overall, the major problems with this series continue. First of all, the chapters are too short and second, the voice acting needs some major improvements.

{ Review Request Club }

Credits & Info

2.62 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2008
12:04 AM EDT