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Newgrounds Guide - Remix

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The Remix version of the original Newgrounds Guide.

Updated with more recent information, new graphics and pictures.

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I love the way you summed everything up into small summaries. That will help new users learn quickly about the basics. 5/5

MVK-Productions responds:

Thanks! Yeah thats the theme I was going for. I was hoping for it to make it a bit more popular here so that more beginners could find their way around


I shall review the way you sugested, it would realy help newbies but not most people but that was most likly the point so... it was good.

MVK-Productions responds:

lol thanks =P

Info, Info! INFO!!! WHY WON"T you give it to me?

Omg thank you! You just told me how the Blam and Protection points that "NEWGROUNDS" never did! I know they say that your account will get deleted if you premote a outside website but they said nothing about depromoting newgrounds did they?

But before anyone thinks about deleting anything. If you go to my profile you'll notice that I have made reveiws to over 100 submissions.
That's some pretty heavy dedication isn't it?
Your flash deserves more reveiws, I thank you again.

MVK-Productions responds:

Cool thanks!

Thank you

10/10 helped me understand . i just now made a ng account but have been useing ng for 5 years .. thanks agian hope you keep makeing these each time they come up with new stuff

MVK-Productions responds:

I'm glad it helped you! This will be my final guide though unless any major updates happen. Thanks for the review!

pretty much

sums it up thx 4 the clarification

MVK-Productions responds:

Thanks for the review!