MGS: Sons of Stupidity

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This is my first flash submission to Newgrounds.
It took less than a month to finish and is mostly an experiment for me with Flash.

The flash itself is a collection of parodied scenes from Metal Gear Solid 1 and 3. Some audio that was used was a first attempt at imitating the characters, so some portions of the audio have a lot of interference due to my inexperience.
Feedback is appreciated.
I hope you enjoy(ed) it. =D

If you somehow don't notice or realize, at the end of each scene is a picture with two buttons. The more positive looking button will lead you to the next scene and the negative looking one will send you back to the title. If you can't decypher and end up at the main menu, you can just resume the movie via scene selection.

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y r they grey?

Pretty nice.

But stop breathing to the mike.
Nice use of Tears of Remorse though.
Anyway, the music you used at the main menu, may I know what version of Main Theme that is?

KiteOfDark responds:

I put the music in the credits. It's from the MGS4 soundtrack.

yo it's me, kris!

although your new to flash and the voices we r standered, the jokes made sense to anyone who has played the game. bravo my friend, bra, vo.

KiteOfDark responds:

Yeah, I guess I have good jokes.
Just need better animation.


Well, the character models are pretty crappy but do get better arter the third scene and there's a lot of interference with the audio, maninly the voice(s?), but it is a good first try

KiteOfDark responds:

Yeah, you should notice that in some scenes the audio is just fine. That would be after I figured out to hold the mic away from my mouth...
And I left my first character models there to show a comparison.

Thanks for the somewhat harsh yet constructive criticism.



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4.00 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2008
4:23 AM EDT
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