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Control the dog to catch and eat the table scraps being thrown out by the humans. The left and right arrow keys will move the dog. Eating a bone will give you 5 points, a bone with meat on it will give you 10 points. If you eat a piece of broccoli, you will lose 5 points. Eating red peppers won't change your points, but if you eat too many of them, you will burn your mouth and lose the game.

Thank you for taking the time to play this game. It is only my second complete flash game, and if you happen to have played my previous entry, you should notice that it is a solid improvement (at least I think so). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell when you like about the game, and even more importantly, what you don't like about it. I know there is no sound, but I am not good at sound yet, and a game with bad sounds is worse than one without. If you know a good sound tutorial, I would to get a link to it!

Thanks again and enjoy.



That was a great game! Now for a song! =D

Who can make the sunrise? Who can make the sunrise?!
Sprinkle it with glue. Sprinkle it with glue!
The Candyman. The Candyman!
The Candyman han! The Candyman Han!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice game. I think everything has already been said, sounds, the touching meat/other things glitch. Some kind of progression other than points would be nice. Maybe different levels, with more windows, people throwing more stuff... anyway, keep up! =)

Ok ..

Good concept, quite a good game, but some glitches like the one sohki pointed out.
There is another thing that's bothered me, the complete lack of sound. Sound is a very important factor for a game, for if you put a good tune in people will keep playing as well because the sound is great. So go find yourself a sound tutorial.
I'd probably given you a 7.5 if you had good sound in.


its a nice concept
1 if it looked less like the dog was humping the wall
2 if there was something to remove chilli points would be nice

Pretty good!

I didn't like the lack of sound effects, but I really enjoyed it. Perhaps an occasionaly piece of breadcrust to remove a "chilli point" could be added for a bit more depth.

bugsandinsects responds:

Good Ideas. I'll get working on sound and things to remove chili points!


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3.20 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2008
1:49 AM EDT
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