Narutovampy 1&2

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narutovampy is a vampire and jony saucy gunna kill him!

11 min long!


This couldn't suck more if you paid it to. The intro is waaaaay too long and waaaaay too annoying and as if you hadn't wasted enough of my time already you put a 60 second wait in the middle of your animation? Im pretty sure anyone needing to 'potty' would have already done so before clicking on something to watch for 11 minutes!

Also this looks like it been drawn with a mouse by someone with parkinson's. You may want to consider getting a pen tablet and some art and maybe english grammar lessons. Your spelling is horrendous and i really do hope ur doing it on purpose to seem cool or something cos if that's how you really spell, good luck to you.

I could continue to say what i thought of the so-called originality of this idea or the lack of storyline but quite frankly ive wasted too much time on this piece of nonsensical crud already.

Naruto46346753839262 responds:

plz review my other movies i will give u cameo like james cammeron!

Could have been worse

I, too, submitted a flash that nobody seemed in like in reviews on Clock Day once. I just do not understand how mine managed to have such a lower score than this one. I like how you put in some actual "Naruto" stock footage at the beginning. The biggest complaint about this cartoon is that it just appears so slow, which I guess was not just my computer. If you made it faster with a better song, I would like it. At first I thought it was going to be something like "Naruto" meets "Twilight" but I am glad it was not.

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Naruto46346753839262 responds:

ty ^^ nice ppl r hrd 2 find here :\


The beginning took forever and it kinda was not worth it.
Why has this such an awesome score?

Naruto46346753839262 responds:

cuz im awsom ^________^

Forcing it through on Clockday, eh?

Glad you're still here, I was worried you'd given up after that last blam. Still loads of stuff to improve on, but a massive improvement from the last version I saw.

Spell check. PLEEZE USE SPEL CHEKK!! It can really go a long way. Spell and grammar check will save you. Just type what you want to say into Microsoft Word, and then cut and paste. Dialogue did move at a good pace though.

Art. Art is very important. I understand that it is very hard at your unknown age of very very young, but if you draw even a bit more carefully, then the characters will be more understandable. I'm glad you actually drew in varied faces, though. Much better than last time.

Music. Your music selection was better, but some songs still don't reflect the mood. And you'll want to loop Down With the Sickness more carefully, not to mention including the artists who made the music in the flash info box. You must credit your artists, ya know.

Stop making it longer than it needs to be. DO NOT EVER USE AN INTERMISSION AGAIN!! The intro was bearable, but I don't think you need to credit Bruce Lee, or Jet Li for that matter. Perhaps a shorter intro, and move the long one to the end to become the credits.

Better than the last one, but much more needs to be done. And do contact me earlier next time you submit, so I can help pass the next one, and review on time. Good job ^__^

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You got one through

congratz, you made it through! I think you need more practise though.

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3.78 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
9:34 PM EDT
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