Hitler's Strawberries

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Hitler's Strawberries. A game made of pure amazing win. Conceived by the same bastards who brought you Jebediah is on Fire (blammed before its time), and Clock Day Extravagornza.

Hitler is on a quest to face his past, his future, his stomach, some other random shit, and his father...to fuel the Hindenburg II, with strawberries, so that he may fly to the ancient caverns to collect strawberries to fuel the Hindenburg II so he may fly......................

If you don't like fun, Hitler, strawberries, the both combined, crazyness, a furry directing a flash game, or Hitler...then play anyway, jerk.



PS: "battosai810: zip zop zoobidy bop
superlineman01: ?
battosai810: just makin noise
battosai810: for the launch
battosai810: of game of the year
superlineman01: X3"

PPS: Congratulation to Gamerkd16 for his first involvement in a submitted entry. Be PROUD of...this...thing. Yay! :3

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Mein Gott, it's full of strawberries!

I asked for game, not a reenactment of World War 2.
But seriously, this is probably the best flash game I've ever played.

One of the funnyest god damned things I've seen.

Possibly the gayest thing on earth but It was worth my time Teh game is EPIK :3 And whats with the russian anthom at the end? Still Damn Funny, Make a 2ed one please, And WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE FRONT PAGE AND WHY DOES IT NOT SAY 5/5 FOR DAH SCORE I SAY H4x0rS H4x0RS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAZXXXXX Very nice Game I hope to see more of your work.

Epicly retarded :3

This is the coolest game I've came across so far! I've played it 84 million times. And I won't stop anytime soon, and I'm sure my friends enjoys my random/retarded reports on FB.

The soundtrack is addiciting as well, I like to play it loudly X3

randomly epic?

This is easily the most addicting game i've ever played. I do have one question though: What was the song in the begining of level 4. It's not listed with the rest of the music and I was wondering if you could tell me it's name? I have it stuck in my head now.

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3.30 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
7:41 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other