B-gasm 2

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That's right! Just when you thought it was safe to get on with your lives following the excitement of last year's Clock Day entry by backflipair (unsurprisingly entitled "B-gasm"), here comes the highly enchanting and completely unnecessary sequel! Having racked his brains for a whole year, backflipair came up with the title "B-gasm 2". When news of this title was announced, panic erupted globally and massive lulz ensued.

Enjoy it, 5 it, and above all, B-GASM IT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: Reviews make me orgasm. In real life. Hint hint lovely people!


lol funny,

just wish you would make some sorta virtuall comp =P put some effort into this!

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backflipair responds:

"put some effort into this"????????????

I'll have you know, twenty people died in cold blood to make this flash.


i didnt laugh srry but i did notice that all the blocks in the game have all the right stuff above it. but dont give it a fake rating adult only honestly

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backflipair responds:

Well, let me just say that the adult rating is not fake. If you wait until 69 and a half seconds into the flash and very quickly input LEFT ARROW, RIGHT ARROW and then UP ARROW one after the other, in the space of half a second, I think you'll find some secret adult content. But you'll have to be quick, considering there's no timer to help you. But I can see you REALLY want to see the adult content, so why don't you try it?

Also, yes, all the blocks have their contents on top - there is a very simple reason behind this: namely, your face.

I thank you for your 6 out of 10 though. It has been taken into account.

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3.42 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
6:55 PM EDT
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