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{PS}Pie clock is retarded

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here is the point seclusion crews offical clock day entry, hope you like it
feel free to comment on my profile, and reviews are appreceited


sweet, imortalization, lol and by that I mean we got into the clock day 08 collactoin

wow thanks everyone for all the support and shit
my god I swear, everytime I turn around
this things score gets lower, WTF? if you
dont like clock shit then stop going into clock
day collectoins and voting shit down, and go back
to cutting yourself you emo pricks
btw, you know its better then like 90% of the other
clock day entrys lol

BTW the {PS} stands for point seclusion,
all officail Point seclusion crew flashes
have the {PS} next to there name

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OMG That was so xc

Lolz This was funny but to behonest not good for new grounds this is more an inside joke
i mean no one would realise the inside joke of ness sounding like xc as not maney people on NG know xc

gave you an 6 though because it was not real animations it was just basic tweens.
if you even tweend the bodey pats it would of gotten 10 well that and if evey one on ng knew what xc was like


It's called animation for a reason, in this cartoon the characters didn't even move. The drawings were also very poor as well as the music choice. Next time try harder.

Lol this was great

But i don't remember pie clock can you describe him

XCaptainAwesomeX responds:

Pie has been pretty much taked out of point seclusion

Not good.

I have to be honest with you on this submission, it wasn't something I enjoyed in the least bit. The graphics were dull and boring, and the story or what was plot in it failed to capture my attention in the least bit. Not that I was expecting anything, but I was simply disappointed in this submission and I just did not like it in anyway.

XCaptainAwesomeX responds:

well have you seen the other clock day entries, don't judge this against most everyday submitions, all clock day flashes are spam, get over it


very funny and good character except for pie