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Edit-Thanks for the frontpage and all the reviews :D

Clock day video to LightPowered by Deastro

Broke my balls on this one, hope you guys like it :3



Your movie is impressive , very good animation, hypnotic and delightful art, good music choice. Very sad it ended. An amazing artist.

Mmm, you see, I am new, in fact, this is my first review ever, so i don't know many things of here, so my question is, I know, there must be a reason, maybe a rule or a fact that I ignore but, why didn't you win the first place in the Clock Day celebration?

UnderARock responds:

The one that did win was amazing , but yeah im really bummed I didnt even place, thems the breaks I guess.

and thanks for making this your first review :B

Well Played

That was extreme with a nice retro pace to it. I enjoyed watching it, and the music selection truly fit the scheme. Great Job!

UnderARock responds:

Glad you liked it :D


you did it, this the first clockmovie i really like, the style and the story are greatartig, whats the name of the song? i like this kind of, sounds like old amiga games :p

make more of these, also you are added to my favĀ“s :)
go on.

UnderARock responds:

The song is called LightPowered


i didn't really get it. good job, though. good animation.

UnderARock responds:

No one gets it thats why its so crazy

What a fantastic adventure!

That was a very hairy pirate odd world. I loved the video. It was odd but overall just a class of animation all its own. Please keep making more of these videos. Awesome.

UnderARock responds:

Glad people liked how It came out guess I will make some more :B

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3.96 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
5:46 PM EDT
Music Video