Dude, Where's My B?

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Happy clock day!


Noice! It's a time-waster tho, :P

Kwing responds:

old a f


it was all right, even for a clock themed game, but a background, some music, and a guy chasing your mouse around would have made it much better!

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Kwing responds:

Thanks! I was just harvesting the points from clock day xD

Its not that bad, uhm, but yeah, is rly bad

i mean, isn't that bad, but it could be better, and, wow, so boring,
eh, good anyways ^^

keep up ^^

Kwing responds:

I just whipped this up because it was Clock Day and I needed a submission.


It could have used a background and some original idea. Gee, I wonder what score this would have gotten if you weren't a member of any flash group?

Kwing responds:

Bicycle group? I'm not a member of anything... Except Newgrounds (duh). Yeah, I know it's not original, IT'S A CLOCK DAY SUBMISSION.

I clicked the B 3 times...

Then I got bored. Seriously, put a background and maybe change the color of the B everytime you click it to give it some diversity. Maybe even throw in more letters so if you click the wrong one then you lose points. Something like that. I can't even knock you that down though cuz I wouldn't even be able to make something as simple as this on Adobe Flash.

Kwing responds:

Ha, I don't blame you. Every clock day, I try to prepare something decent, and every day, I end up botching it up. I guess I'm not fit for making "crew" or "categorized" Flashes.

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4.36 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
4:03 PM EDT
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