An Untimely Visit

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This is it. My 2008 Clockday flash. This was originally going to be the epic tale of Avocadoclock's survival through the bubonic plague, but my hard drive (and partially completed flash) got fried, so I made a slightly less ambitious flash. This one is only about 10 minutes long, as opposed to last year's 20 minute flash extravaganza, but I think the animation turned out a lot nicer.

I put a lot of work into the soundtrack for this movie, using my fancy new soft synths. I'm releasing the song from the credits (Clockday) today as well. Check out my profile if you want to get to its audio page.

edit: The song in the beginning is "Bloodtrocuted" by Dethklok.

Happy Clockday!


Wow, surprising

After the long load time I was beginning to think this would be hardly worth the wait, well oh crap you just proved me wrong. From the moment they were downloading Crysis illegally I knew this would make me laugh. Throughout the movie even in the plain dialogue I was laughing, a strawberry clock IS a laughing matter. The load time was worth it and this flash kicked ass.

I demand you make more good sir.

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KidneyBeanClock responds:

I was worried about the loading time, but I decided that sound quality was more important. I'm glad the movie was worth it.


This is an awesome flash! At first I thought he was referring to /b/ of 4chan, but then it was clarified later... If he had /b/... bad things would happen...

Ok dont yell at me because i did my research

jonny6feet had a point when he said that the animation was bad. And the sound and picture went out of timing all the time. On the plus side however the jokes were predictably tasteless, like most good ones on Newgrounds, the story was good and someone actually got the proper voices. Did you make up wild strawberry clock?

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KidneyBeanClock responds:

Yeah. I made him up. I based him off a wild strawberry I found in my yard.

Holy Cow.

Everything about this flash was great... it was funny how he was all light green colored when he was a little clockling haha

Maybe i'm the lunatic

But all i saw here was a badly animated, badly voiced acted flash that didn't make any sense whatsoever.

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3.97 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
11:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Original