Gerkin Gear Solid Trilogy

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Strait from the mind of Hideo Kojima himself, here are 3 short cartoons based around the Metal Gear Solid universe. The first short displays the opening cutscene of the original Metal Gear Solid the way Hideo Kojima originally planned it. The second short is the tale of a 40 year old father hoping on his sons PC only to be exposed to Metal Gear Awesome for the first time, loosely based on a true story. And lastly, the tale of Mindchamber and Stamper during the chaos that was organising The Metal Gear Collab.

Put on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride that is The Gerkin Gear Solid Trilogy.

-Hideo Kojima

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Gerkinman. . . .

I loved alot of your submissions. They were funny and made me laugh my ass off. But man, this is what I got a problem with with this submission.:
1.The random penis snake. That was just weird and stupid.
2.Metal Gear Awesome is freakin the best thing besides other random stuff Egoraptor does. Egoraptor is awesome.
3. I can understand the thing with the box collaberations, but the random butt sex was just stupid and gay.
Seriously man, I'm trying to be nice. But this was just dissapointing. I hope you make better work in the future. Plz work on animation, not making people as penises unless there have a fight scene.(cock fight! lol.), and no random butt sex unless it is with a guy and girl. Bye man,


The animation was quite impressive and the three cartoons we're funny as hell especially the first one,great job.


I dont uderstand these bad reviews this flash is funny


A kid on 9 years made this flash or what?.. Sucked ass

Gerkinman responds:

They totally did, i hired a 9 year old korean kid to make it for me.

No, this is the pinnacle of comedy

This is so unbelievably awful. Your jokes aren't funny, you're not a good artist or animator, and you made it seem like metal gear awesome took a laboriously long time to watch. That fucking movie is only like, 3 minutes long. I can't believe so many people pay attention to you. You're so untalented.

Gerkinman responds:

Its almost like the real thing, no?

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3.53 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
5:33 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody