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August 15, 2008 –
October 7, 2018
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Wild pokemon appeared, wait...


funny movie. Great blending in the laser firing and great graphics.
keep it up
this is neat too


not the best but ive seen worse (about 1/4 of the shit on ng). sound was kinda lousy, (i need to clean the dust out of my speakers).

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Something to do with what?


Well ummm... it not very long funny and I cann't make head or tail of it.
P.S. There are only one hundred levales.

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I'm not sure at all that this deserves that great of a score. Terrible blending in the laser firing and terrible graphics all together not to mention the illegal sprites used. Sound was rather annoying.

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Credits were used, so shut the fuck up.


Out of all the clock day flash's submitted, this is was actually one of the few that was mature and not spammy.... Nice Sprite work and sound, also, quite humorous... Who would have thought that you can find SBC in the wild?

Overall very nice....


<deleted> responds:

Thank for the review!

StrawberryClock, I choose you!

Of all the clock day stuff I've seen, this is one of the animations that I'm going to forget first. I can see that there's an element of a plot, but it needs taking further... like a couple of miles further. Why not have the guy catch a Strawberry Clock, or perhaps go on some sort of Pokemon Clock edition, where he can catch all of them.

It's got potential, but then again, so has a Jumbo Jet, when it's 18,000 ft in the air :P

You've got an idea to work on and a little less than 360 Days to go at it, so give us something that's going to stand out among the crowd on Clock Day 2009!

[Review Request Club]

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heh, no idea of a sequel... Thanks for the review.


Animation/Graphics - I actually really like sprite movies, so I thought the animation was perfectly fine. I do though sometimes find the text hard to read because it moved too fast. If the text would of slowed down just a bit then I think that everything would of basically been fine here. The charging my lasers part could of been edited a bit better also, but hell it's a clock day submission right?

Story - A nice quick flash, but as soon as it started it was almost over. Just being a bit longer would of been better. I could actually see this being something decent if it would of been a bit longer and maybe the fight scene itself would of been longer.

Audio - I'm guessing decent audio selection for a Pokemon flash. I don't really know much about Pokemon, but apparently that's what it is suppose to sound like. >.<

Overall, not too bad. Maybe something that could be worked on and even be made into a series. Who knows.


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Who knows, indeed. Thanks for the review.


It's a very funny flash, I quite liked the idea of a SBC vs Pokemon fight.

The text went by a bit too fast from time to time and there also where some slight errors on the screen (misplaced objects, text being overlapped by other objects) but then again, it's a clock day flash. So those errors may also be there on purpose to make it look as shitty as possible. ^^

Anyway, I liked that squirtle won the battle and went up to Level 60. :)

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<deleted> responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review.

Yah! king of the portal BBBB

Pokemon SBC thats a recipe for succes ,and it is apart from him getting defeated.

Graphics.7/10 I liked the sprites on the white background, and Strawberry Clock looked regal and majestic.The picture of some of the icon level 60, looked cleary a little off. On the whole the scenes and style are cool.

Sound.7/10 . The rpg fights was fun and the sounds are few ,but fun the sounds are funny. The fighting sound and the Pokemon, scene is cool. I like the music sort of retro.

The idea of CC Pokemon is clever the idea worked. The fight scenes are funny, and the rpg screen of menu is cool. The scene is funny with the squirtle beating SBC, is werid its fast and brief. The introduction cool i like the sprite aniamtion ,it had a retro feel. The way you had SBC was unusal but cool. I dont know the name of many pokemon ,but hes looked good. The movie is funny and entertaing. Im sorry i did not see this on Clockday.
What stops this more being perfect is some minor flaws how could Squirtle beat SBC?. Only being level 59 while SBC is like level 999?!. The fight scene was all to brief with ,no real battle taking place. Also the pictures looked like ,they did not look right on the screen.

Ovreall apart from this a good crossover.

review request club

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the review, it was really hard working with these pokemon sprites.

And if squirtle didn't beat SBC the level 60 part wouldn't make sense. ;)



that was quite shocking.
a level 999 strawberry clock defeated by a level 59 squirtle?
has the world come to an end?
the fight music was pretty good though.
you could have extended it a bit.


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Who's that Pokemon?! It's Strawberry Clock!

I liked the idea of your Squirtle fighting Strawberry Clock on Clock Day. The battle here was epic, even though I'm not a big fan of charging mah lazer meme. However, I enjoyed the rest of the battle, especially Squirtle 'fucking around' and getting to NG level 60. There were a few game screen problems here when it moved a bit here and there, but besides that, this flash is great! :D


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visuals: simple and functional
sounds: what i'd expect in a pokemon game
plot: good for a laugh or two
overall: good effort keep at it, could be longer but is fine the way it is

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Hmm, I wish to play this game!

Cause it looks like something I'd do.
Eh, wasn't super-fantastic, but it was enjoyable, and does keep to the Poke`mon Expectancy, use a move, your Poke`mon is feeling sick. Use another move, can't cause it's too much of a chicken-hearted nooblet. SO yeah, this video suites just fine....

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you can't kill strawberry clock -_-

<deleted> responds:

rofl, he got lucky.


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