Dark Edition - horror

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*To get the most out of the movie, I recomend using ear phones and volume up.
I also recomend watching this at night

One of my very recent works since Pina Story.
Based on actual events..

Special thx to some of the NG fans in credits. tysm



we will see some more of your stuff in the future alot of stuff. i like that last part that was like he gruge

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i thought it was fucking cool

u did a great job on this i hope to see some more of ur work on the front page soon :D

Has potential

With a good helping of polish this could be great. The tone of the movie isn't really consistant--is it trying to be horror or humor? This execution proves you can't have both sometimes.

Great effort though.

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A short series of blah.

Granted, I just turned off the video after the third thing popped onto the screen with a loud noise accompanying it, but after three times I think I get the picture. The humor itself was minimal at best. I say I must find it hard to believe that this is based off a real story. Blue dead looking people don't commonly follow the living around where I reside. On the grand scale of all things, 0 to 10, I'll rate you a three since the graphics obviously had more work put into them than the story itself, even if the color scheme made it hard to distinguish things from time to time. If it wasn't for the work on the graphics, however, I would've just put this on par with about a quarter of the videos on YouTube. Normal and quiet to sudden excorcist girl with annoying screaming (luckily, you didn't just have high pitched squealing to give me a head ache).

lovely story

great story and good animations but then again there was nothing that really happend but since this was based on a real life i know this must of been scary.

9/10 5/5


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4.17 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2008
8:31 PM EDT