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Dark Edition - horror

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*To get the most out of the movie, I recomend using ear phones and volume up.
I also recomend watching this at night

One of my very recent works since Pina Story.
Based on actual events..

Special thx to some of the NG fans in credits. tysm


not original at all

dude, that was pretty much the grudge, like you almost took exact scenes from it. next time be original please, and make it have an actual story, this one just seemed like dora the explorer. oh ill go over here i hope nothing bad happens, i mean seriously put some thought into it. Were you watching the grudge and then went straight to watching dora after to make you feel better? sorry fro being harsh but please next time be original, and maybe a bit less jerky, yah gotta make it flow bro.

pretty creepy

i gotta say you did get me with the hobo askin for change but the rest seemed to be like the grudge.... the boy at the elacator (until you made a comedy out of it :P)
and the girl witht he hair hanging down, does seem like the grudge. anyway good art work and designs i liked the part at the lift, but im guessin u only tried to calm me down for the girl coming from the roof -.- thanks anyway i needed a horror before i slept

Good Music :)

the music was great and it was a good simple flash. i have to admit i didnt get bored either :P

This is just my opinion.

I'm not sure why everyone is giving this such glowing reviews. It wasn't suspenseful, it was overly simplistic and poorly animated, and I felt nothing but contempt for the main character.

I would suggest making the animations more fluid and less jerky.

wow. this was great

if i dont sleep tonight, im gonna hunt you down.

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4.17 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2008
8:31 PM EDT