Portal CleanUp ALPHA 1.02

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Ok, I'd like to stress the point that you NEED to look at the HELP section first. Though I forgot to explain the use of the energy bar on the top left. It's purpose is, whenever an enemy crosses the screen successfully, the bar goes down, and when the bar reaches ZERO, you're dead, jack. I'd also like to note the use of music from Phantom Menace, just to clear that up. It is John William's Star Wars soundtrack, and the song is the Droid Battle. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL VERSION! THERE WILL BE MORE!!!!

I'd also like to adress a few things from recent reviews. In programming further, I have decided to take head on your suggestions. I plan to make it a little easier, because, although even I found it frightfully addictive, I also found it hard as sh"t. I plan to get rid of diagonal movements of the badies. This will tackle some lag problems too, but also, I will make it low quality by default. The game IS an infinate loop, so don't try and win, I haven't built that in yet. You'll win each level by eliminating a certain quota of flash movies each time, then there will be a mini boss at the end. One of the reviewers told me I shouldn't have submitted an entirely different post and just posted over the old one. Well, I was completely aware of this, the reason I did this was because I wanted this to get seen, at least for a day. Thanks for your comments!


Great Concept, Great Animation

Only one thing. Damn thats a hard game. Maybe the difficulty represents that no matter how hard we try, we will never ba able to get rid of crap in the portal.


it waz shitter then the 1st one...this is the shittest game ive played on yet

not bad

This game is alright...basically shooting all these flash .swf files, like you're blamming them.

I like your responses to the BETA version

your responses are so fucking funny its like "you" made this just to piss people off who piss you off. Blam everything on newgrounds that sucks and is on the new menu in the portal because they all suck.

Not Bad!!!

Nice game!!! Loved the music!!! Keep it up!!!

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2.18 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2002
2:17 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person