Portal CleanUp ALPHA 1.02

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Ok, I'd like to stress the point that you NEED to look at the HELP section first. Though I forgot to explain the use of the energy bar on the top left. It's purpose is, whenever an enemy crosses the screen successfully, the bar goes down, and when the bar reaches ZERO, you're dead, jack. I'd also like to note the use of music from Phantom Menace, just to clear that up. It is John William's Star Wars soundtrack, and the song is the Droid Battle. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL VERSION! THERE WILL BE MORE!!!!

I'd also like to adress a few things from recent reviews. In programming further, I have decided to take head on your suggestions. I plan to make it a little easier, because, although even I found it frightfully addictive, I also found it hard as sh"t. I plan to get rid of diagonal movements of the badies. This will tackle some lag problems too, but also, I will make it low quality by default. The game IS an infinate loop, so don't try and win, I haven't built that in yet. You'll win each level by eliminating a certain quota of flash movies each time, then there will be a mini boss at the end. One of the reviewers told me I shouldn't have submitted an entirely different post and just posted over the old one. Well, I was completely aware of this, the reason I did this was because I wanted this to get seen, at least for a day. Thanks for your comments!


I was expecting more

The laser rifles and sounds made the game a little better. The diagonally moving enemies were more difficult to hit than the horizontally moving ones, but they are still easy because they seem to be moving buttons. I have an idea. Instead of submitting all of these mediocre beta versions, why don't you work for a few days to create the final version.

Leemurdude responds:

Well, once again, "KDOG", you are completely wrong, they are not moving buttons, they are movie clips with a complex series of tell target and if actions. To a beginner, who probably pirated flash, this may not be easy to see. You probably failed to note the fact that their position is completely random. The level itself is only about 5-10 frames long. And for pete's sake, stop saying mediocre, we all know it's the largest word you know,but you don't have to over use it. You're obviously another nimrod who failed to read the note I wrote above, which adresses the diagonal moving sprites. The reason I put these up is to collect USEFUL insite and CONSTRUCTIVE critizism from respected individuals, not brain-dead AOLer's like yourself.

Mediocre, Really slows down on High Quality

I wanna see the final version

Leemurdude responds:

Hey thanks a lot, ass hole, because you forgot to read what I wrote about that lag in the game, you lowered it's score like 3 points. I'll probably put you in the credits for idiots along the way who didn't understand it.

Hey wtf??

that ant cool i seen one of my flashes up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

A definite improvement over the last version

The Laser is in there, thank you for that. Just one thing, at what point do you WIN? I could probably go on forever and Lose at some point, but I didn't get to that point where it say, "Oh yeah, you cleaned up the portal, now there is nothing left but XiaoXiao and Eskimo Bob Cartoons"
Oh well, fun fun fun!

Much better

with the score keeping and sounds. You are definately on the right track here.

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2.18 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2002
2:17 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person