Civ Maul TD

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A new maze TD involving ages and research. 14 total towers, one secret level!

Excellent music I made with FL Studio and Soundforge. Although I didn't make 'hail to the chief', I just used a public domain song.

Worth trying!
Well, I mean it this time...


I don't get it, it just fuqs up my eyes…
Also I do not quite get it...

Not very creative

This seems like a bunch of different games in one. For instance, wc3 mauls + age of empires 1. Not to mention it's short and easy. Not much of a defence game. More like "click and place anywhere you want, you'll win no matter what" .

Has potential

I love the idea of the bronze age/iron age upgrades and so on but there are a few things missing like showing how many lives you have left. Also, you should show the amount of gold you have on the in-game screen. There is an issue with the blocking. I had a setup that was going along fine for about ten levels and then the BLOCKING SELL SOME OF YOUR TURRETS sign came up and it wouldn't even let me sell my turrets. It happened to me before and I was able to sell the turrets, so I don't know what the problem was this time with not being able to sell the turrets. Must be some kind of bug. My BIGGEST problem with this game was the difficulty by far. I have beaten every single popular tower defense game on newgrounds, it's my favorite genre so I don't think it's me but I couldn't even get enough gold together to buy the 3rd set of towers and this was on "EASY" mode. If anybody can do well enough to get to the next few sets of towers I'd appreciate it if you put a video of it up on youtube so I can see exactly what I'm doing wrong or if it's even possible to get to the last couple sets of towers. In the meantime I'll keep trying. All in all I think it's a mediocre game with great potential, I really hope you keep working on it.

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Not bad.

I did find some faults, though. The one that annoyed me the most is that when you click on a building type to build, sometimes a building will get upgraded, even though you didn't intend to. Aside from that, the George bush thing was pretty funny, but the game gets repetitive after a while, so 7/10. Not bad, but could be better.

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good but faulty

I thought it was a great and progressive game, but had a few faults. mostly just the occasional bug that ruined the game

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2.52 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2008
1:08 PM EDT
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